The patio for cats is all the craze. With indoor cats fighting boredom cat owners are going to all sorts of lengths to get their felines outdoor time while still keeping them safe and secure. The catio is one perfect option for indoor/outdoor cats. If catio building has been on your mind, you might go to Instagram and do a catio search. All kinds of jaw-dropping patios for kitties will line your screen!  In the meantime, I grabbed and handful to wet your whistle. Below are four I think you will like!

The Catio Guy on Instagram has a pretty impressive portfolio. This feline loving builder custom designs and makes catios for the Los Angeles area. His website, lays out all the information you need to get started on building your new cat sanctuary. On Instagram, you and your cat can browse through all his images, you will both be purring. On his website, find benefits, the process and examples of catios; you will be well on your way!

These beautiful Maine Coons have it made in the shade (and sunshine) in their stunning catio. Chasing bugs, butterflies and breathing in fresh air all from their feline palace in London!

My Cutie Cats are loving their wrap around catio. With more than a few, this Instagram really gets your attention. So many adorable kittens and kitties to view and they all seem to love spending time outdoors in their feline catio.

Life With Cats and Dogs has a catio that is totally decked out with the right accessories. The cat bed is strategically placed (a bit off the ground). If you go to their Instagram page by clicking below, you will also see there is a ladder to the sleeping quarters and a rooftop too!

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