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Ask anyone who attended the Catsbury Park first-ever Cat Convention, and they’ll happily tell you how much of a sensational event it was.

Catsbury Park held its first cat convention in 2018, and the event was a raging success attracting thousands of cat lovers from the U.S. and other countries. It was indeed a happy time for fans of feline as they converged at the Asbury Park Convention Hall with a common goal – to celebrate the tiny carnivorous mammals they had come to love.

The event was cat star-studded as its organizers brought together some of the Internet’s hottest celebri-cats so their human fans in attendance could finally get to meet, pet, and take a few photographs and selfies with them.

It’s the year 2019, and organizers of the initial Catsbury Park Cat Convention have announced the event will be taking place this year as well. In case you missed out on the initial fun-filled cat convention of last year, this is an opportunity to experience the exciting feline event. This year’s cat convention promises to be bigger, better and far more thrilling than that of last year.

Still not sure if you should attend the convention? Here are 5 reasons why you should.

If you are a cat lover as myself who spends a great deal of time on Instagram or Facebook watching interesting videos and admiring adorable photos of celebrity cats as Lil Bub, Pudge, Teddy and many more, then this should be mind-blowing – Organizers of the event have assured every cat lover that this year’s cat convention will bring together an all star lineup of celebrity cats. Now tell us, would you ever want to miss this golden opportunity to finally get to meet with your favorite cat star?

  • Adopt Homeless Cats

Celebrity cats won’t be the only felines gracing the event, homeless cats will also be present. Don’t have a kitty yet or wish to add to your feline family? The Catsbury Cat Convention is where you’ll find just the right feline to take home. A large cat lounge is already being installed at the venue of the event, to allow a large number of cat lovers who will be in attendance interact with the cats they intend to adopt.

  • Contribute Your Quota To Animal Welfare

It’s safe to say every cat enthusiast loves animals in general. The Catsbury Park Cat Convention gives cat lovers of all stripes the chance to give out to a number of animal charities and Catsbury Park – the cat café in Ausbury Park where cat lovers get to meet with cats before adopting them. All the proceeds to be gotten from this year’s event will go to a good cause. So you may not be interested in meeting Lil Bub, but hey! You get to touch the lives of other animals, and that’s something special.

  • Meet With Other Cat Lovers

Not sure if you know this, but the cat convention isn’t just all about cats. Yes, cats are the focal point of the event and the reason for the convention, but cat lovers also get to have their fill of fun. The event gives cat lovers a chance to meet with other amazing people who share the same passion for felines. Who knows, you may even get to meet the love of your life or make valuable connections there.

  1. It Promises To Be an Educative and Fun-filled Event

If you are an animal welfare advocate, this convention is also for you as well. Professionals would be on ground to deliver powerful lectures related to animal welfare. And for cat owners who will be in attendance, organizers of the event have promised to bring expert cat behaviorists to inform cat owners on how to catify their homes and better take care of their felines. To liven up the event, there would be music, games, yoga sessions, contests, comedy, a tasty vegan diet and so much more.

This is one fabulous cat convention you don’t wanna miss out on. And don’t just keep this info to yourself; tell your friends and loved ones about it as they too deserve to be there.

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