Catios are undoubtedly one of the best ways you can provide your kitty cat a quality life safely. A catio is an outdoor cat enclosure or “cat patio” that provides your cat safety and enrichment outdoors. The idea is that your patio literally becomes your kitty cat’s safe haven in the sun and fresh air. Catios have come a long way since they started to become more and more popular.A traditional style catio is attached to the cat owner’s home, offering an easy way to get in and out of the cat sanctuary. The catio is enclosed with chicken coup wire (or another material similar in nature) that provides ventilation to the great outdoors, but keeps the kitty inside where it is safer and secure. Catios can be filled with furniture, scratchers, toys and hammocks to lounge in, all while basking in the sun. Here are a list of catios on the internet that have all the right elements to keeping a feline safe, happy and entertained while enjoying some outside time.

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No doubt, a catio is a wonderful addition to any cat lover’s home! But what if you are not in a house? What if you are in an apartment, condo or townhome? Many people are faced with this obstacle, not to mention, many homeowners have code restrictions that can make it very difficult to add onto their existing home. Fortunately there are options to the perfect catio so your feline can also enjoy fresh air and sunshine when building a cat sanctuary is not an option.

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Unlike traditional catios that require building and design work, a portable catio is designed to be put up and taken down easily, without any assembly. The Kritter Kondo is a one-piece frame that sets up in minutes. It is ideal for yards, patios (so in a sense, it is a catio) decks and for travelers who take their feline buddies on the road.Especially cat friendly is the fact that the doors come off the Kritter Kondo so you can connect them together and make a cat run. If you are unable to build your own catio, the Kritter Kondo is an excellent option. The Kritter Kondo Catio can also be used inside for numerous purposes including but not limited to, a safe haven during the holidays, a cat enclosure for separation when introducing felines for the first time and as a kitty play area for Foster cats.

Catio Pro Tip: Never leave your pets outdoors unattended even in ANY enclosure or pet house.

Cat Leash

Yes, you can walk a cat! A cat leash and harness is another great way to get your cat out of the humdrum life of an indoor only feline and honor her attraction to being outside. Not only is walking your kitty cat a great way to expose her to sunshine and fresh air, the exercise will do you both good.

Training your kitty on a leash should be a top priority when you get your new harness. Try putting the harness on inside and literally walking her around your home first. Once she is used to the harness, take baby steps to slowly introduce her to leaving your home. If your cat is used to being inside where it is quiet, the fast past environment outside could scare her, so slow and steady is always best when introducing a feline to something new.

Cat Leash Pro Tip: Give your cat treats after every training walk and praise her for the great job she did! Coyote RollerIf you have a yard, but cannot add on a catio to your home, a coyote roller might be exactly what you can use to keep out predators while offering your cat time to be outside.

Coyote Roller

The coyote roller is an especially good option for folks who already have a fence. The roller is installed right on top of the fence, and is animal friendly because the coyotes and predators who could normally jump the fence, are now challenged with a roll bar that prevents them from using the fence as their step stool. The coyote roller is available for approximately $689.00 but compared to building a catio, that might be an affordable option.

Backyard Cat Lounging Pro Tip: Even though the coyote roller is known to be extremely effective keeping coyotes out of your yard, please be aware that hawks and large birds might view your cat as prey. Staying outside with your cat is important even with a coyote roller.

If your cat seems to be curious about going outside, or rushes the doorway every time you open it to try and catch some time outside, one of these options can be just what he needs. It is not recommended you leave your cat unattended outside ever. These solutions will act as your aid and provide you with alternatives to indoor window watching only.

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Kitty cat rugs can be used indoor (litterbox, kitchen, bathroom)
or outdoor (in a catio or in front of door)


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