Cat Holiday Tips

You know how stressful the holidays can be prior to enjoying all the festivities. You are running around trying to get all your gifts and decorations, plus you have more traffic in your home with friends and family visiting. Visiting with loved ones can be the highlight of the holiday season, but for kitty cats, it can be an overwhelming stress inducer. This year, consider pre-planning for your favorite feline with these helpful ideas.

Pet Enclosure

One of the best ways to ensure your cat can find some relief when company comes during the holiday is to make a designated area that she can call her own; free from people and children traffic. A portable catio is ideal and the Kritter Kondo is offering a special price right now. Use KITTYDELPHIA at check out and you will receive a steep discount on your cat’s private crib.

Inside the Kritter Kondo be sure to put toys, a bed and even some water or snacks. Ideally you want to let your cat know in advance this is her special place, so introduce her to it all set up at least a few days before your guests arrive. To make it super cozy and comfy, include one of your shirts or blankets that has your smell on it so she knows she is still in her big home too. If your cat will be in her Kondo for an extended time, you can even include a litter box so she doesn’t have to go anywhere at all! Make sure the Kritter Kondo is in a separate room from the main gatherings and out of the line of traffic.

Another great pet lounging area is the Pet Lodge by Kritter Kommunity.

cat enclosure

Not only is the Pet Lodge a perfect safe haven, it is so easy to set up and take down, you can bring it when you are traveling with your pet to other homes for the holidays too. The Pet Lodge has a roll up door so your cat is free to come and go as he chooses. The spacious enclosure has plenty of room for toys, food, water and even a small litter box.

Catatize™ Your Closet 

If you have limited space and a portable catio is not an option, convert your closet into a cat sanctuary. Anytime you take any ordinary item or object and endow it to a feline friendly environment you have catatized™ it!

Closets are a cat’s best friend when they want alone time, and making it especially kitty cat friendly will let your fur baby know how much you care. Remove all items from a closet shelf and line it with your kitty cat’s favorite blanket. Make it nice and cozy and warm by including a pet bed. The stress of all your company might make her want a nap, and a cat nest can be a great way to feel safe and secure while dozing off into la la land.

Put your cat’s favorite snacks into a small cup she can scoop from easily. Add a bowl of water and a few toys, and she will know she has found an exclusive area just for her.

Pre-Visitor Attention Cat Time

Giving your feline lots of attention before your guests arrive can be challenging with all you have to do, but the investment can make all the difference. Even 5-10 minutes of playtime the day of your holiday event will take the edge of your cat and even release some energy that can help her sleep right through all the festivities.

Most kitties loved to be groomed, so after playtime, a nice long brushing will really make her purr. If playtime is not an option or if she is a senior and not interested in playing as much as a younger cat, the grooming is especially important. It is a great way to show her how much you care and adore her.

A little preparation and thoughtfulness about your pet’s well being around the holidays can pay off substantially. Not only will your cat be happier, your home will have a less stressed vibe and you will know you have done your part to make your guests and all your family members comfortable and loved. What better holiday gift than that!

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