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When a new cat is brought into a home, one of the first things gotten for her by her owner is a litter box and find her the best cat litter ever! By the way, a litter box is an indoor based box containing certain materials where cats are trained to urinate and defecate in. The problem is, there are loads of cat litter boxes on the market so it can be difficult to know which is good enough for your new cat. A cat needs to use her litter box three to five times a day. For this reason, cat owners are required to ensure they purchase only the best cat litter for cat urine odor control in order to motivate their kitty to use it when she needs to go.

So much depends on getting your cat the right cat litter box as making the wrong choice may lead to a life-long litter box problem for you and your cat. Here are 5 things to put into consideration before purchasing a litter box for your cat:

  • The Size

When choosing a litter box for your kitty, it’s important that you get one that comfortably fits the size of your cat. Your cat needs a litter box large enough to give her room to properly cover her feces. The litter box should also be of optimal height. Don’t expect a kitten to use a tall litter box as she would have difficulties climbing and reaching into and out of the box.

  • Ensure The Cat Litter Has The Right Texture

On many occasions when a cat begins to display an aversion for its litter box it’s simply because it doesn’t contain the proper cat litter. Your cat will be stepping on the litter so the texture really matters. There are various types of cat litter on the market, but not every one of these will work for your cat. Felines have been known to have different preferences for their litter, but one quality most cats have shown to prefer is that it has smaller and finer particles.

  • Choose A Litter That Is Unscented

Studies have shown that cats prefer odorless litters to scented ones. This is because the nostrils of cats are far more sensitive than those of humans, so while you think the odor of a cat litter is pleasant to your senses, it may be too much for your cat to handle. The overpowering scent of a cat litter may cause your furry friend to totally avoid using her litter box.

  • Accessibility

Cats are creatures that hate stress, anything that causes them much stress is avoided so it’s best to ensure the litter box you’re about to purchase meets certain requirements. In the case of an uncovered litter box, it should come with low sides that make it easy for the cat to enter and exit the box. A covered or hooded litter box on the other hand, should have a spacious doorway for your cat.

  • Choose A Super Easy To Clean Cat Litter Box

Last but not the least factor to consider is how easy it is to clean the cat litter box. Sometimes, due to work and other commitments we tend to have little or no time to properly clean up our cat’s litter box, and this is bad. Cats are clean animals and if it happens that their litter box becomes too messy for them to handle, they may resort to leaving their business elsewhere. So when getting a cat litter box, ensure your pick is one that can easily be cleaned.

It could take a little time, but finding the right litter box is the best thing you can do for yourself and your cat with regards to litter box. What type of box are you using now? Are you happy with it?

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