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As a cat owner looking for ways to get your cat feeding healthy, you must have heard the word Taurine being made mention of an awful lot. In fact, it is impossible for a feline health specialist to discuss the topic of feline nutrition without making mention of the term Taurine, and how important it is for cats to have it in their diet.

Here’s everything you need to learn about Taurine and why it is important to have it included in your cat’s diet.

What is Taurine?

A Taurine is a typical amino acid. But unlike most known amino acids that need to pair with other amino acids to produce the various types of protein needed by the body, taurine isn’t one amino acid to be incorporated into proteins, and can be found freely in certain areas of a body’s cell tissues.

Taurine is a natural amino acid that occurs more in muscle meat and other body organs as the eye, kidney, heart, and liver. High amounts of taurine can also be found in some sea creatures too. Now the reason why taurine is more concentrated in dark meats as the muscle, heart, kidney and bile is simply because those parts of the body are hard workers.

Sea creatures as Shell fish are known to have high amounts of taurine in them as well. This is because their body constantly works hard to filter since they are filter-feeders. Taurine can also be found in diary products and plant products, but not as much as they are to be found in dark meats.

Why Your Cat Needs It

Don’t know if you know this by now, but your cat needs all the taurine she can get. Yes, all cats have taurine within their body cell, the problem is they get to lose a great amount of it in the bile. They are also known to have a low rate of taurine synthesis. All of these put together, makes it important for cats to get taurine from other sources if they are to stay alive and healthy. Taurine is an essential amino acid that’s critical for vision, normal heart muscle function and reproduction in cats.

When a cat lacks a good amount of taurine, the following problems are bound to occur:

5 Effects Of Taurine Deficiency In Cats

1. Health Disease

The one reason why taurine is to be found more in the heart is because the heart can’t function without it. It’s just simple logic. Taurine deficiency in a cat causes its heart muscle to lose strength and malfunction, which in turn, can lead to a heart disease or heart failure. Experts refer to this condition as dilated cardiomyopathy.

2. Blindness

The same rule for the heart also applies to the eyes. The eye is a known area of the body to have a high concentration of taurine, this is because the amino acid is essential to the normal functioning and development of cells in the eye’s retina. When a cat lacks taurine, it results in blindness.

3. Decreased Reproductive Performance

Taurine also play a huge role in the area of growth and reproduction. A deficiency in taurine can lead to reproduction failure – causing such anomalies as still births in cats. It can also bring about a poor growth in kittens born to moms suffering a deficiency in taurine.

4. Immune System Malfunction

Studies have shown that taurine affects the immune system responsiveness of a cat. A cat with a good amount of taurine thanks to constant intake of dark meats will stay healthy and have stronger antibodies than a cat deprived of meals containing taurine.

5. Poor Digestion

Taurine helps with proper digestion in a cat. When this is lacking, the body of the cat won’t be able to produce enough bile salt needed for fat digestion. A deficiency in taurine may result in diarrhea and a whole lot of digestion issues you don’t want your cat suffering.

If you have chosen to turn your kitty into a vegan, considering the high risk a complete vegan diet poses for your beloved cat, we’d highly recommend you consider giving it a meal with taurine regularly.

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