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Cats enjoy having their space. This might sound strange to you because your cat gets to wrap itself around your sleeping head each night or gets to snuggle with you most of the time, but it’s a known fact that cats more than anything need their personal space. Cat enclosures can offer them this type of safe haven from the hustle and bustle of your home.

Cats are also very inquisitive and territorial, always wanting to explore their surrounding and claim certain cozy spots and areas for themselves. This may pose a problem to cat owners who wish to keep an area or spot within the house out of bounds to their cat for certain reasons. A cat pen can come in handy in such a situation.

Cat enclosures help provide your feline friend the personal space it craves for and keeps it confined to a particular area of the house and away from the area you don’t want it venturing into.

There are lots of reasons why cat owners should get a cat pen, but here we have just outlined a few.

cat enclosure

1. Outdoor Safety

It’s been recommended by the Progressive Animal Welfare Society that cat owners provide their feline friends an outdoor experience, but do so from the safety of a cat pen or catio. Cats need to get out there from time to time to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the natural world; receive fresh air and soak up the warm sunlight, these are what makes a cat happy. This is one reason why a cat pen is needed as it lets you keep your kitty secured while she’s outdoors.

2. Visitors In The House

Cat pens are very helpful when visitors or strangers come over to the house. It could be a party taking place at your house or just utility workers showing up to fix something in your home. During both situations, there’s a great possibility of your curious cat sneaking out of the house to explore the natural world if the doors are left open. Another reason for using a cat pen in such a situation is to keep unfamiliar people away from your cat’s space. Cats are very wary of strangers by nature.

3. Introducing New Cats

As earlier mentioned, cats are territorial by nature and would fight any other cat they consider an intruder. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting yourself a second cat if that’s what you want. In such a situation, it is advisable to place the new cat in a cat pen when introducing her to your resident cat. The cat pen housing your new cat should contain all she needs to feel comfy – a bed, toys, food, water and a litter box. Monitor the way both cats interacts over time and when you notice both cats show no signs of aggression like hissing when close, it’s then safe to give the new cat freedom.

4. Nursing Cat And Kittens

A pregnant or nursing cat mom needs all the privacy she can get for herself and her newly born kittens. This is quite normal for cats and if you’ve had a cat in the past that put to birth, you must have noticed how much privacy she wanted for herself and kittens. A cat pen or similar enclosure will do well to provide your kittens and their mom with all the needed safety and privacy from other nosey household pets.

5. Health Problems

When a cat falls ill, sustains an injury or is recovering from a surgery, it is best to confine the fragile kitty to a cat pen for its own safety. This is most important in homes where there are other cats or pets. The cat pen helps the sick or recovering cat get enough rest as it doesn’t get to move about much or play with other pets if there are any.

Owning a cat pen is beneficial to both you and your cat, and we hope these 5 reasons have sufficiently been able to convince you about that. 

Things you might want to consider when shopping for cat enclosures that will make the experience pleasing for both you and your favorite feline:

  • Ease of assembly and set-up 
  • Is it big enough for your cat to stand up, stretch and turn around in?
  • Is it tall enough for your cat to stand up and even stretch?
  • Is there a way to protect your kitty from too much sunshine? Is there a roof or shade canopy?
  • Do the doors securely close?
  • Is the cost reasonable?
  • Can you store it easily when you are not using it?
  • Does it have a carrying case in case you want to travel with the cat enclosure?
  • Are there pockets for your cat’s toys, food, blanket or whatever else you might need?
  • Will it be stable if you decide to take it outside?
  • Can two cats fit in the cat pen comfortably?
  • Can you return it if it does not work out for you?

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